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Shirt AirVolution HWS

Product SKU: KANO510



A very warm base layer, a neoprene shirt that makes sense under a breathable spray top,  a comfortable skin tight top. The New AirVolution HWS is all of this. A piece of equipment that is so versatile, that it can be useful in almost all weather conditions.

Thanks to its antibacterial thermal lining it is a very warm and comfortable base layer when used under a spraytop. Brethability is provided by the holes in the neoprene. The holes also allow fresh air to reach the body when the spraytop is open or removed. When used under a SKIN 05 shirt it makes a very warm wind and splash proof non breathable skin tight top. It can be used also alone. The superstretch glideskin neoprene on the shoulders and upper arms, combined with the Personal flotation device, will prevent the wind chill in that area, while the airprene will help preventing overheating.

 -1.5 Superstretch thermo antibacterial airprene on torso
 -1.5 Flex 24 airprene under the arms
 - Designed for optimal body fit
 - Extended cut for thermal protection of lower back and kidneys
 - Shoulders and upper sleeves protected by 2mm superstretch glideskin neoprene



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