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Hoodie HUD

Product SKU: CASU131

W's detail - wingsW's detail - wings
W's detail - wingsW's detail - wings


Look special and feel special with our new Hud hoodie! High quality materials with a soft skinfeel and carefully tailored parts with special attention to the hood and neck makes it one of the most comfortable and sophisticated hoodies on the market. The hood fits perfectly even with the head movement, its design is much appreciated in cold and windy days when most of the other hoodies fail. With its high zipped neck that covers to the chin and the hood tight fitted to your head you will unlikely need any additional head wear for windchill protection. It is different also in the armpit area, where most of the hoodies have the same material as on the rest of the hoodie , we put a lighter and stretchable material. Hud is a perfect choice to complete your sporting wardrobe with a stylish, comfortable and useful piece.


- material - high quality 380g/m2, brushed and shaved pleasant material (80% cotton, 20% polyester) from top quality Turkish manufactury
- neck - zipper that closes up to the chin or even mouth
- hood - closes the ears very nicely, moves nicely with the head
- material under the arms - lighter, stretchable
- available in man and woman versions. Woman version: slimmer cut, different details (angel wings)
- made in Slovenia


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