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No dams T-shirts were created in cooperation between Sandiline and Leeway collective at the Balkan Rivers Tour project – the biggest European River Conservation action that took place between April 16 th and May 20 th . The battle against unnecessary damming of the last free flowing rivers in Europe was not ended with that, it just became bigger. In near future Balkan Rivers Tour team will lead numerous events that will raise further awareness about the importance of protecting these Wild Rivers and on top of that they will present a full-length documentary The Undamaged which will expose the story of money laundry and corruption connected with dam plans in the Balkans to the world.
T-shirts are produced in the broader Balkan Peninsula region and thus support the local production and sustainable development. By purchasing the No dams T-shirt you donate 5 EUR to Balkan Rivers Tour team that will use the funds gathered for future projects focused on saving these pristine Rivers, Wildlife and local people that depend on the free flow.


Thank you for supporting us!

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