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Product type

Hiking pants W2 Zip

Product SKU: JAOP1115



Top composition
Outer layer: heat reflective, windproof, water repellent, abrasion resistant.
Middle layer: 1.5 mm neoprene for insualtion.
Inner layer: warm & quick dry fleece, pleasant to skin.

The »pee« zipper – Users often spend a lot of time in neoprene clothing. We put the zipper in a horizontal position, where other items or clothing, like spray-tops  & PFD's cannot interfere with the opening procedure.

The other features of these hiking pants are similar to the EVO model:
To achieve durability and comfort the back side is made with 6,5 mm small diamond neoprene, the 3,5 mm K1 neoprene on the thighs makes the pants rigid where needed, the back of the knees & other parts where elasticity is needed are made with 2mm and 3 mm superstretch neoprene, the lower leg is made with 3mm small diamond neoprene to make the pants resistant to abrasions and more durable.
The integrated battens made of very stiff polyester put under a rubber plate, this combined with the stiffer neoprene on the thighs makes you feel as your legs and the pants are one.

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