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Long John AirVolution

Product SKU: KANO103



The »AirVolution« gives a new perspective on one of the basic & most popular items of neoprene clothing.
We turned a simple, basic piece of neoprene clothing into a sophisticated & comfortable technical product with various useful & innovative solutions like:
- Antibacterial, breathable material on the upper part;
- Useful & comfortable pee zipper;
- Perfectly tailored in different fabrics, placed so their properties give maximum advantage;
- Fashionable design.

1. The revolutionary feature of the »AirVolution« is the breathability of the upper part. This »upper part« of the long john is made with superstretch airprene - a perforated 1,5mm neoprene with an inner antibacterial & anti allergic thermo lining. With this neoprene we achieved more comfort through skin breathability, warmth, odour & rash prevention. Used alone or with a lycra rash guard the airprene gives you freshness, used with a spraytop, the thermal lining gives you extra warmth.

2. The comfortable, flexible knee protectors, which have virtually no impact on the freedom of movement (same as for the hiking pants).

3. The »pee« zipper – Users often spend a lot of time in neoprene clothing and there may be problems with a standard long john, even if it has a long zipper. We put the zipper in a horizontal position, where other items or clothing, like spray-tops & PFD's cannot interfere with the opening procedure.

4. Preformed cuts and six different types of neoprene (thickness from 1,5 to 3mm) , each one placed exactly where its properties are most effective.

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